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Introducing the Drink2Shrink Common Cent$ $100 A Day System!

Every part of this exciting business model has been thought out and put together for your success. Even seniors are out here killing it with the Drink2Shrink Formula. You can do this online as well as offline. People want this product!

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8 Benefits Of The CommonCent$ $100 Dollar A Day System

  • There are just 3 Simple Steps  for success

  • Start making $100 a day within 7 - 14 days

  • Copy, paste, and get paid with CashApp, cash, etc.

  • Weekly Monday night training

  • Done for you scalable ads

  • Profit from social media

  • Make money Offline using the internet

  • Take orders with your website

  • Lurra Life

    3 Major Benefits Of Using The Drink2Shrink Formula

    Lose 5 lbs In 5 Days, Get Paid By Helping Others Lose Weight, Get Your Own Copy And Paste Drink2Shrink System!

           Lose 5 lbs In 5 Days!

    This colorful drink is our flagship product. It allows you to lose weight and earn money helping others do the same. Once you have used the product, and experienced some results, your testimony will go a long way towards helping you in your business. The Drink2Shrink Formula is making many people healthier and wealthier. Why not you? Become a Distributor today!

    The Key To Getting Paid

    You get paid by selling  one, two, or three different products.  The first product is on your Lurra Life Website, that you receive as a Lurra Life Distributor.  You can't sell the Drink2Shrink Formula without becoming a Lurra Life Distributor. The other 2 products will be made available to you at the wholesale cost, once you become a Distributor.

    Copy, Paste, and Get Paid    

    Our upline founder has created a money machine with the CommonCent$ $100 A Day System. You simply have to plug in, follow the training, and begin to see results for yourself. You will be copying and pasting ads on social media, that have already been tested and proven. When people see the add and want the product, you will fulfill that order and get paid. Sign up Today.

    Get Your Distributor Account

    A Member Of Our Team Does Websites For A One Time Cost Of $30. No Hosting Fees. Here Is A Quick Demo.

    Only distributors can get the Drink2Shrink website for $30. You will want have some initial product to sell. Get the 12 pack of drink mix so that you can sell 12 gallons of the flagship Drink2Shrink product. This product retails for $35 a gallon. That's a one week supply, consuming around 18+ oz per day. Become a Distributor, and then order your $30 affiliate website. The Lurra Life website is free, but Lurra Life provides only one component in the Drink2Shrink Formula. Get that first, and then you're ready to acquire the rest.

    Visit My Store To Purchse

    Your Website Will Make You More Money If You Have The Full Line Up Of Products For Customers And Entrepreneurs!

    You have 3 products that you you can offer on your Drink2Shrink  affiliate website. A couple of upsell items are not on your Lurra Life Website, but you will want to get them to increase your earnings. People will purchase them from you on your affiliate website when they decide to go all in. Join our team and we will show you how to get all set up. 

    The Upsell Products Are Offered To Those Who Want To Lose 20 lbs or More.

    When a customer is ready to purchase the Drink2Shrink Formula, they may want to lose more than 15 or 20 lbs. This opens up an opportunity for an upsell, and higher commissions for you. Since this is a business, the more products we have, the greater chance we have of reaching and surpassing our income goals. We offer value by understanding our customers needs, and then working hard to deliver the products they are wanting to meet those needs. The video on the left does offer two additional products that distributors can obtain to help our customers who want to go "all in" and lose those extra pounds. 

    A Benjamin A Day Keeps The Bills At Bay!

    By following the training we want every one on our team to put a benjamin ($100) in their pocket everyday. You can actually collect cash from your offline customers without them even being on the internet. Your online customers can pay for your products using  CashApp. Those payments will show up instantly on your CashApp Debit Card. How cool is THAT! Sign up for CashApp and get a cash bonus for your signups! 

    CashApp Card

     Get Your CashApp Card 

    Invite Your Friends To CashApp and Get $15.

    This card is a very flexible way to receive your earnings from your Drink2Shrink Business.

    Your can also use PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe to receive your commissions. This is your business. Your clients will pay you in the most convenient way even cash. If you don't already have a CashApp, signup from my link, and we both will receive a bonus.

    Purchase the Buy 2 Get 1 Free on the Lurra Life website (12 Sachets)

    The Detox Tea is the product that you're purchasing on my Lurra Life Distributor website and adding it to other ingredients to make the Drink2Shrink Formula. Once you post the ads and start receiving orders, you will want to have product on hand to fulfill those orders. If you don't have some product on hand, your customer will be forced to wait until your product order arrives. The autoship option reduces the chance of you running out of product. A customer will buy the ingredients from you and make the drink themselves, or they will buy ready made drink from you off your Drink2Shrink affiliate website. 

    Get Your Distributor Account

    You have an awesome team of supporters behind you rooting for your success. With the CommonCent$ $100 A Day System, if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards. The Monday night training calls are powerful you will be able to share your own success stories with the team.

    Eugene Kelvin Henderson - Drink2Shrink Breakthrough

    Let's Hear Some Of The Drink2Shrink Success Stories

    These are real people sharing their real testimonies about what the Drink2Shrink Has Meant To Them!

    Add testimonial from your customer about your product or service here. Make sure the testimonials cont

    Add testimonial from your customer about your product or service here. Make sure the 

    Add testimonial from your customer about your product or service here. Make sure the testimonials contains strong points about the product or service and highlights how it has helped your customer solve their pain point or main problem. 

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         Eugene Kelvin Henderson 

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    Are You Ready To Start Using The Drink2Shrink Formula  To Lose Weight, And Grow Your Income?

    Order Your Product Inventory For $85.15, And Get Invited To Our FaceBook Group And The Team Training Website. Our Goal Is To Get You Off To A Fast Start In Reaching Your Income Goals.  

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